We believe that sharing and collaboration make the web a friendly and more accessible place. We provide our accessibility testing tools free for everyone to use. We also welcome contributions to our code samples and accessibility support references. Help us improve accessibility and make the web more enjoyable for everyone.

Accessibility testing tools

We like to make accessibility evaluation as efficient as possible. These tools make light work of many accessibility tasks, and they’re all free of charge.
Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA)
Helps you determine the color legibility of text, and images of text.
Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT)
Helps you evaluate a web page for accessibility and standards conformance.
(This tool is no longer in active development)
Accessibility Viewer (aViewer)
Lets you inspect web content for accessibility information based on MSAA, iAccessible2, UIAutomation and ARIA.

For help with these tools, or to report bugs, suggest improvements or contribute to the code, please refer to the relevant repository on The Paciello Group’s GitHub. Alternatively, you can email us at

Accessibility support references

We’re curious about accessibility and the way it works in the real-world. It’s a constantly evolving field, so why not help us keep these references up-to-date?