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TPG is an accessibility solutions provider offering full-service accessibility consulting and a leading provider of accessibility monitoring and management software solutions. Our clients are many of the best known brands in the world, and our experts are globally recognized for their contributions to accessibility standards and guidelines. TPG consulting services include accessibility testing and evaluation, WCAG/Section 508 compliance audits, VPAT® analysis and production, training, user testing and research, design reviews and strategic planning. Our robust accessibility management platform, ARC (Accessibility Resource Center), is an affordable central point of access for accessibility tools and services that support every element of your accessibility strategy including accessibility monitoring, analytics, automated testing, defect reports, eLearning modules, an extensive knowledge base of developer accessibility techniques, and support.

Free Automated Website Accessibility Test

Our powerful scanner will give you insights into the accessibility of your website and its conformance with the guidelines. In this Initial Domain Analysis (IDA) you’ll get actionable insights about which WCAG violations are the most prevalent to help you prioritize your accessibility efforts.

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NEW: ARC Platform Live Demo Series

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New Webinar on User Journeys

Join us on August 19th for our latest webinar that will provide manual accessibility testing strategies for capturing the interactions of user journeys for individuals using the JAWS For Windows screen reader.

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