JAWS Inspect

JAWS Inspect vastly simplifies accessibility and JAWS compatibility testing. Without the distraction of speech or the complex feature set of the end-user product, Inspect uses transcripts of JAWS output to quickly diagnose issues and share them easily across quality control and compliance systems.


  • Simplifies JAWS use for testers
  • Text transcript of JAWS output for use in bug tracking and compliance programs
  • Real-time identification of issues
  • Rapid rollout with limited training required
  • Demonstrates impact of accessibility on users

JAWS Inspect Features

Code Sample Report.
Full Page Report.
  • Easy to use simple interface
  • Report details are organized for a single page by element
  • Easily exported to CSV
  • Analyze your JAWS output with a screenshot, code snippet, and a unique tracking ID
  • Provides visual illustrations of what JAWS users experience on your site
  • Issue information comes in plain language, no need to be an accessibility expert to interpret your results
Menu with page in background.
Element Properties.
  • Identify issues at the element level
  • Rapidly test your ARIA live regions
Element Under Mouse Report.

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