JAWS Inspect

JAWS Inspect vastly simplifies accessibility and JAWS compatibility testing and does not require a JAWS license to use. Without the distraction of speech or the complex feature set of the end-user product, Inspect uses transcripts of JAWS output to help quickly diagnose issues and share them easily across quality control and compliance systems.


  • Test websites for JAWS compatibility without running JAWS software
  • Text transcript of JAWS output for use in bug tracking and compliance programs
  • Allows users to identify issues in real-time
  • Rapid rollout with limited training required
  • Demonstrates impact of accessibility on users

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JAWS Inspect Features

Code Sample Report.
Full page report
  • Easy to use simple interface on Windows OS
  • Report details are organized for a single page by element or in a linear view in the order of the page content
  • Easily exported to CSV
  • Analyze your JAWS output with a screenshot, code snippet, and a unique tracking ID
  • Provides visual illustrations of what JAWS users experience on your site
  • Issue information comes in plain language, no need to be an accessibility expert to interpret your results
JAWS Inspect Say All report showing missing alt text on an image element.
JAWS Inspect popup for a form
  • New Speech Viewer provides a live log of JAWS speech
  • Check workflows, desktop applications and different file types, including PDF
  • Run with JAWS for a log of complex interactions
  • Allows users to identify issues at the element level
  • Rapidly test your ARIA live regions
Element Properties.
Element Under Mouse Report.

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