ARC (Accessibility Resource Center) is TPG’s SaaS accessibility management platform through which management and teams can access analytics, defect reports, eLearning modules, an extensive knowledge base of developer techniques, and support – all in a single location. It is the optimal platform for leveraging all your company’s accessibility-related assets and activities. Fill out the form below for a taste of what ARC can do for you!

The business case for ARC

ARC allows you to easily manage your entire digital inclusion program through a seamless, intuitive portal. You’ll be able to manage and measure initiatives more effectively and accurately against the needs of the business, developers, and compliance offices. Your accessibility assets will no longer be spread across multiple systems, allowing for greater insight into the impact of business goals. Real-time and self-serve support are at your fingertips. ARC Monitoring keeps tabs on your digital assets, highlighting violations and unearthing key insights about the underlying causes of accessibility defects.

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It’s incredibly affordable

Unlike other accessibility platforms, ARC is modular and allows organizations to pick and choose services that best support their accessibility priorities. A subscription to ARC Monitoring, our robust scanning and analytics service, for example, starts at just $99 per month.

Easy to implement

All the ARC services are accessible via the ARC portal. There’s no code that needs to added to your site; our team will do all the work behind the scenes to deliver a rapid deployment and get you up and running immediately. ARC will become the keystone of your commitment to accessibility. It’s a platform that includes everything your business needs to run a successful and efficient accessibility program. Video not playing? View it at YouTube.

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Access our subscription-based SaaS offerings through ARC:


ARC Monitoring

An accessibility testing and monitoring service that enables you to prioritize error remediation and uncover trends.

Learn More about ARC Monitoring


ARC KnowledgeBase

A continuously updated self-serve library of accessibility techniques, including desktop and responsive web.

Learn More about KnowledgeBase


ARC HelpDesk

Personalized support for your technical accessibility questions and challenges.

Learn More about HelpDesk

TPG Tutor


A series of self-paced accessibility eLearning modules for employees in all disciplines.

Learn More about TPG Tutor

Testing Solutions

  • JAWS Inspect: A subscription-based testing tool that simplifies and streamlines JAWS compatibility testing by providing real-time and report-based transcription of JAWS output.
  • Colour Contrast Analyser: A testing tool used to assess contrast ratio suitability for visually impaired people
  • ARC Toolkit: A free, easy-to-use Chrome extension that identifies compliance violations on single web pages