Whether you are a novice to accessibility or a seasoned pro, sometimes your best start to accessibility is to let technology do some heavy lifting. Designers, developers and testers dealing with an accessibility project or program are looking for ways to inform their team quickly about what’s inaccessible with their digital content and get rapid insight into how to fix it. There’s a better way to find your way towards accessibility using TPG’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).

Take your first step on the path to being more accessible. Welcome to ARC.

ARC includes next generation automated testing. Our solution looks for machine-detectable accessibility defects within digital content. Designed for rapid scanning of a web domain, ARC will crawl through your website looking for accessibility violations against common standards, including WCAG 2.0 A/AA or Section 508. ARC is powerful. It takes scanning data and turns it into actionable insight. Need to know what pages have the highest density of certain types of accessibility defects? Need to track progress over time or compare the performance of different sites? Use ARC’s dashboards and data visualization features to guide you towards what you need to be concerned most about, and what you should fix first.


  • NEW: access to KnowledgeBase, a self-serve library of accessibility techniques
  • Actionable insights through trends, defect prioritization and issue density analysis
  • The right data in the right hands. Never overloaded. Use dashboards that suit your users: Customer (multi-domain), Domain, Page, Issue
  • Compare results and trends across sites, domains and industry sectors
  • Centralizes diverse sets of data and resources, from eLearning to manual testing reports.
  • Future proof and flexible. Choose which rule set to use or deploy a new rule set (currently uses ARC Ruleset, WAVE, HTML_CS, and aXe) and quickly toggle between engines to compare
  • Fully accessible solution
  • All data visualizations have tabular versions
  • Fully distributed and highly scalable computing model running on the Amazon cloud (AWS) platform

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ARC Benefits

ARC Home screen Dashboard showing ARC Monitoring URLs with WCAG density scores and links to other ARC components like TPG Tutor, KnowledgeBase, and HelpDesk
  • Data and direction. Goes beyond data to actionable insights.
  • Use trends to zero in on the source of issues
  • ARC is future proof, rules engines aren’t hard-coded, providing flexibility
ARC Domain summary page.
WCAG Violations pie chart.
  • Supplement existing regression testing with a fast, lightweight approach to QA
  • Compare results and progress across domains
  • All levels of oversight from management dashboards right down to the issue code
  • Close accessibility gaps across your organization
  • Single Sign-On means there’s no need to create separate credentials for users in an organization
  • Provides inventory of a broad range of assets (like PDFs) that may pose accessibility barriers
  • Versatile dashboards for domains or folders inside domains
  • Authenticated scanning for some content that requires a login
ARC Domain summary page.

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