TPG has a long-held belief in working smarter, not harder. There are a variety of ways to simplify accessibility testing, whether you are an expert in the field or a novice just getting your feet wet. No testing solution in the market is going to identify all your accessibility defects, but you can certainly take a healthy chunk out of the work using automated testing products. Take a look at some of our solutions below to see how they might help you and your organization.

Accessibility testing products

ARC Monitoring
Automatically scan your content for accessibility and focus on what to fix
Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)
Your complete platform for managing all your accessibility needs, from scanning to training
ARC Toolkit
Your go-to professional-level accessibility testing tool for uncovering accessibility issues on any web page
On-demand accessibility testing that’s fully integrated into your CI/CD pipeline
JAWS Inspect (JI)
Get real-time identification of issues through JAWS transcripts.
TPG Tutor (TPGT)
Educate yourself or your staff in accessibility using our self-paced e-learning solution
Your trustworthy resource for accessibility techniques
JAWS Kiosk
Make your kiosks accessible to all

JAWS Issue Tracker

We’re documenting web standards support for HTML, CSS, ARIA, and SVG, in the Jaws screen reader. Why not help us by filing issues?

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