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Why You Need A Website Accessibility Audit

If your website, web application, or mobile app is not fully accessible you could be the target of a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Understanding what you need to do to make your assets compliant is the first step towards mitigating this risk.

A website accessibility audit is also an excellent way of benchmarking how accessible your digital assets are, identifying where issues arise, how they can be fixed, and what your priorities are.

What’s included in a website accessibility audit?

Our experienced team of website accessibility engineers will evaluate how well your digital assets support the needs of users with disabilities. Your audit will include:

  • A detailed report outlining the most prominent website accessibility violations and our recommended prioritization for what issues to tackle first.

  • Website remediation recommendations tailored to the specific issues found, with further detailed information and techniques to fix these issues.

  • An Excel spreadsheet that illustrates whether the asset samples pass or fail, and their applicability to each of the tested website accessibility conformance criteria.

Why choose TPG for your audit?

TPG is the most experienced website accessibility services provider in the marketplace. We literally create the guidelines for website accessibility. Our engineers have been involved with developing the current version of WCAG, and are taking a leading role in developing the next generation of guidelines. We have performed thousands of website accessibility audits; rest assured you will be in exceptionally competent hands.

If you’re going to invest in accessibility, you should invest in a partner who is going to set you on the right path from the outset. When you select TPG as your website accessibility partner, you are choosing a company that focuses solely on accessibility. Our engineering team is internationally recognized for their contributions to the accessibility community.

See what our customers are saying

“Thanks for all your help. Your people are solving problems that we thought were unsolvable months ago. Other companies we called upon just kept telling us to “dumb down” the site and we were ready to do so until we worked with TPG.”

Ken Isaacson, Vice President, Major League Baseball Advanced Media

“Thank you a million times over. We got exactly what we wanted, when we were told we would get it, at the price we were quoted, and far more valuable than we expected. I wish all our vendors were this effective and professional.”

Mark Stender, V.P. Finance and Business, Pearson

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