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Henny Swan in her iconic lightning bolt earrings

Henny Swan
Director of UX Services
17 years of accessibility experience

Why opt for UX services with a focus on accessibility?

All your customers deserve the best experience you can deliver. TPG’s highly qualified team helps ensure your website and mobile applications deliver the most inclusive user experience for your disabled customers without compromising design. As a result, we create a better experience all around.

Our experts understand how to create customer-centric designs that elevate the experience for all users, including those with disabilities. We can help with user research to identify customer needs, review and annotate designs, and carry out usability testing on your products with diverse users. An early and continual focus on people with disabilities helps you minimize the chance of incurring expensive remediation costs.

How we can help you?

Save money and time by determining where accessibility problems exist before your website, web application or native app is fully developed, instead of trying to fix them after the fact. TPG will evaluate requirements, wireframes, prototypes, or style guides for potential accessibility issues and help you create a more accessible user experience.

Research and evaluation:

  • User Research — learn more about a product design challenge from the perspective of people with disabilities. Exploratory research projects with people with disabilities include contextual inquiry interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

  • Usability Testing — evaluation from people with disabilities of existing products or products in development.

  • Competitive Accessibility Analysis — greater visibility on your competitors’ approaches to accessibility.

Accessible UX design:

  • Design Reviews — annotated designs and a report with in-depth rationale, issues, and fixes based on annotated designs.

  • Accessible Prototyping — functional code for user interface components that demonstrates how to integrate accessibility in practice.

  • Pattern Libraries — a collection of accessible, recurring design elements that can be used throughout your mobile app, website, or web application.

Why use TPG UX Services?

Every expert on our team brings at least 10 years of accessibility and UX design experience to the table. We have a long and distinguished track record of bringing an accessibility focus to UX research and design. Our collective experience includes delivering UX design and development services to clients across different sectors, as well as accessibility research expertise up to PhD level.

We’re uniquely equipped to be able to recruit participants with diverse disabilities for our work. We pride ourselves in designing and delivering projects that provide you with valuable, actionable results while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, compassion, and sensitivity.

See what our customers are saying

“We partnered with TPG’s Research team with the goal of gathering information and opinions that could be used to strengthen our accessibility program. The result was even better: we were able to build an arsenal of stories, examples, assistive technology demonstrations, and perspectives to share across our organization, which has resulted in creating a better digital experience for everyone.”

Monica Reha, VP, Wells Fargo Marketing Digital Accessibility Program Manager

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