JAWS Scripting

JAWS Scripting Services are designed to make modifications to the JAWS screen reader to accommodate screen reader accessibility shortcomings of commercial, off-the-shelf applications as well as proprietary applications.

What is JAWS Scripting?

JAWS Scripts are lines of code that cause JAWS to behave in specific ways. Such behaviors may include reading a particular portion of the screen, allowing for navigability to an area of the screen using a keyboard, and allowing for specific actions to be taken by the keyboard user to perform individual tasks.

Various portions of the screen may be read while these actions are occurring, enhancing productivity and efficient task completion within educational, vocational, and community settings. Scripts are saved in a script file that is associated with the application that has been scripted. When the application is launched, these scripts are activated for the JAWS user.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities. JAWS Scripting can assist schools in achieving this.

Why Choose TPG for JAWS Scripting

TPG is the only scripting company owned by Vispero, the parent company of Freedom Scientific, maker of the JAWS screen reader software. This gives us a unique relationship with the engineers and product teams that actually created and manage the JAWS screen reader software. Our knowledge of the application, underlying codebase, and techniques for creating clean and scalable code is unmatched. Our accessible development methodologies and testing ensure that your project will achieve your objectives.

TPG’s 4-Step Implementation Process:

Phase 1: Assessment

During the assessment phase, the JAWS scripter assesses the current environment where the application resides. They work in conjunction with the impacted end-user to get a sense of the user’s expectations and task-specific needs that the application currently fails to meet. The scripter then drafts a plan — based on a level of effort to achieve the end user’s goals — that outlines the projected number of hours required to develop, test, and deploy scripts. The end-user’s current screen reading capabilities are also evaluated, and recommended end-user training may also be proposed.

Phase 2: Development

In this phase the JAWS scripter develops scripts to modify JAWS to accommodate the accessibility shortfalls discovered within the application. JAWS Scripts do not make an application “accessible”; rather, they modify assistive technologies to provide an accessible user experience for users of JAWS for Windows.

Phase 3: User-Acceptance Testing and Deployment

Prior to the deployment of the scripts, the JAWS scripter will test and involve the end-user in testing the functionality of the scripts. If UAT goes smoothly, all scripts and accompanying documentation are delivered to stakeholders. A report outlining work performed is also delivered.

Phase 4: Sustainment

In specific engagements where changes are expected to be made for the application utilizing the JAWS Scripts, the purchaser may wish to acquire sustainment services over a period of time. These services allow for modifications to scripts to be made if changes to the offending program break current script functionality.

Ensure Complete Screen Reader Usability

Web Applications and Websites

We script websites or web applications for the end-user to use those sites at work, however, the site itself should be accessible to all visitors, as the JAWS Scripts only run locally.


Screen reader accessibility may be a legal requirement. Ensure all users, even those with a visual impairment, can successfully use your application.

JAWS Scripting Resources:

  • Watch the webinar – How to use JAWS Scripting to Overcome Barriers in School and the Workplace.
  • JAWS Inspect – Software to help you test and evaluate the website experience for individuals using JAWS screen readers.
  • JAWS Scripting for Kiosks – JAWS Implementation and JAWS Scripting for Kiosks.
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