Accessible Escape Room

An escape room is an enjoyable way to promote teamwork and collaboration between employees in a casual environment. But when it’s not accessible, everyone loses out. People with disabilities feel excluded and other employees feel frustrated on behalf of their coworkers. Until now there hasn’t been an inclusive solution that resolves these issues.

What is an Accessible Escape Room?

The Accessible Escape Room offers a fully inclusive environment for all employees to partake in a fun team-building activity. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to accommodate people with all types of abilities through an interactive and engaging activity.

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Hosting an Accessible Escape Room

It’s easy to host an Accessible Escape Room. The Paciello Group will provide an “Escape Room Kit” and expert support for you to set up the Accessible Escape Room at your worksite or designated space. All the necessary components (puzzles, clues, information, etc.) will be provided to you, and you’ll also receive a takeaway packet of information on what your employees learned on how to accommodate people with disabilities. All you need to do is schedule 30-minute time slots for groups of 3-7 to participate and provide the space in which it will be hosted.

Why host an Accessible Escape Room?

It’s a fun way to learn about how individuals with disabilities navigate their environments. Furthermore, it’s easy to schedule sessions during all-day training, conferences, or team get-togethers as a break from other activities. Best of all, it’s an activity your entire workforce will be able to enjoy.

Update as of Dec 8, 2020: Out of an abundance of caution, we are not currently scheduling live Accessible Escape Rooms due to COVID-19, but our remote option is available! Fill out the form to be added to the waitlist and you’ll be notified once we are back to scheduling events.

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