Accessibility Review Options for Every Organization

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 behemoth or a mom-and-pop boutique (or somewhere in between), embracing digital accessibility can seem like an overwhelming objective — especially if you’re still learning exactly what it entails. However, taking small steps towards creating an accessible digital experience that works for everyone is an entirely manageable way of tackling your ultimate goal of substantial conformance.

Why You Should Conduct an Accessibility Review

A great first step towards improved accessibility is an Accessibility Review: an evaluation of how well your digital assets support the needs of users with disabilities. This will put your organization on the path towards greater accessibility, no matter what your starting point.

Furthermore, implementing the recommendations from an Accessibility Review sends a signal to external parties that your organization is taking steps to ensure its digital content meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Because every organization has different needs, The Paciello Group offers three types of Accessibility Reviews. Click on the option below that best suits your organization’s needs.

Comprehensive Accessibility Review

Our accessibility engineers will assess a sample of your website – pages that represent the breadth of different templates, content, and user experiences present on your site – and use a combination of manual and assistive technology testing to identify Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) failures and user barriers.

Best for

Organizations that need to substantially conform to WCAG, development teams that need detailed coding knowledge to remediate and maintain accessibility, and organizations with a goal of reaching the highest levels of accessibility.

What’s included

  • An report that provides information on pass, fail and applicability of each of the tested accessibility conformance criteria for all of the agreed samples.
  • A set of Accessibility Techniques containing information tailored to the specific issues found and further detailed information and techniques to fix these issues.
  • A subscription to ARC Monitoring.

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Determined by scope of work.

Agile Accessibility Review

We supply a virtually embedded dedicated resource who works with your dev team in a cadence that aligns with your sprint cycles and QA needs. As soon a piece of code is finished by a member of your team, it is submitted to our accessibility engineer to review for accessibility conformance, simultaneous with delivery to your functional QA team. If the code is conformant, the engineer will approve it for the next step. If there are failures that need to be resolved, the engineer will flag it, identify the errors and communicate how to address them, and send it back to the developer for remediation. This cycle continues throughout the entire sprint.

Best for

Organizations that currently use agile methodology for their development cycles, are dedicated to improving digital accessibility, and have existing dedicated resources allocated to incorporating accessibility into their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

What’s included

  • Completely flexible coverage that suits your organization’s needs. Before we start an engagement, we will work with you to determine the days and hours our accessibility engineer will be needed; this ensures that you’ll only be paying for our services when you need them. For example, with a two-week sprint you may want a dedicated resource on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a total of 24 hours per week.
  • Re-evaluation after every sprint to assess if your dev team needs more time, less time, or if the current arrangement should continue.


Contact us to design a custom package that provides embedded support based off sprint plans.

High-Level Risk Review

TPG’s High-Level Risk Review is an affordable way to improve the customer experience and reduce your accessibility legal risk. It contains prioritized recommendations to improve the accessibility of your digital assets and highlights critical issues blocking access to your content and functionality. It delivers insights and examples that will enable your developers to start immediately addressing issues, providing the perfect opportunity to make significant and meaningful improvements to your site.

The report focuses on the issues that will cause serious accessibility problems across the representative sample rather than listing all the screen reader issues or WCAG 2.1 areas of non-conformance.

Best for

A variety of organizations ranging from those that do not have substantial resources to devote to remediation or a large budget, but still want to start improving their accessibility to mature ones that want to ensure that their internal accessibility processes are maintaining acceptable levels.

What’s included

  • Testing protocol that includes both manual and assistive technology accessibility testing
  • An Executive Summary detailing the overall experience for screen reader users and listing the top 5 items to improve the overall experience for screen reader users.
  • A Testing Methodology specifying how the testing was conducted and what was included.
  • A Summary of Issues Types found with examples across the pages reviewed along with high-level recommendations on how to address the issues.
  • Mapping of Issues to WCAG 2.1 AA showing the issues and their corresponding WCAG success criteria. (Only included with High-Level Risk Reviews that include WCAG Mapping.)


Custom based on client needs.

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