Quality Assurance Accessibility Support For Your Agile Sprints

Many forward-thinking organizations have embraced an agile development methodology to improve efficiency and secure better results. In a traditional agile cycle, developers go through sprints that generally last two weeks (but can run much shorter or longer, depending on the company’s cadence). During each sprint, developers aim to finish a very specific, limited part of their overall project. This extreme focus enables a team to complete a project over a predetermined time period and incorporate what they learned from previous sprints into future versions, which results in a better finished product.

In this agile methodology, your QA testers typically provide functional testing support to ensure newly developed components and other code works properly. But what happens if you want to bake accessibility quality assurance testing into this cycle? TPG’s Agile Accessibility Testing allows you to do just that.

Integrating Accessibility into Your Agile Sprints

We supply a virtually embedded dedicated resource who works with your dev team in a cadence that aligns with your sprint cycles and QA needs. As a piece of code is finished by a member of your team, it is submitted to our accessibility engineer to review for accessibility conformance, simultaneous with delivery to your functional QA team. If the code is conformant, the engineer will approve it for the next step. If there are failures that need to be resolved, the engineer will flag it, identify the errors and communicate how to address them, and send it back to the developer for remediation. This cycle continues throughout the entire sprint.

How TPG Supports Your Team

We offer completely flexible coverage to suit your organization’s needs. Before we start an engagement, we will work with you to determine the days and hours our accessibility engineer will be needed; this ensures that you’ll only be paying for our services when you need them. For example, with a two-week sprint you may want a dedicated resource on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a total of 24 hours per week. After every sprint, we will re-evaluate to assess if your dev team needs more time, less time, or if the current arrangement should continue.

Package Costs

Contact us to design a custom package that provides embedded support based off sprint plans.

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