ARC User Flows

Focus your accessibility efforts where they count most, helping your users complete the most essential tasks.

Ensure users can complete critical tasks on your website

A User Flow represents a user’s journey through a website or application, usually involving steps needed to complete a task. One example of a User Flow would be making a purchase on an e-commerce site. If any one of these steps is inaccessible, the entire User Flow is compromised.

1. items in a cart, 2. user filling out shipping info, 3. credit card payment, 4. confirmation page

Move beyond static web sites to test interactions and page components

User Flow monitoring, powered by ARC (Accessibility Resource Center), allows you to not only monitor individual pages (which, in the example stated above would be a product page, shipping information page, payment page, and confirmation page), but also the components on each page. Such elements could include a dynamic form, a dialog box, multimedia, images, and more.

Unlike traditional website scanning, user flows leverage scripted interaction using Selenium (the standard in test automation), and can be easily recorded in freely available tools such as Katalon. This extends your scanning reach into interactive widgets and content, including forms that require data input, dialog boxes, and full applications.

Key features

Compare Flows and Watch Trends
User Flow monitoring not only enables you to identify accessibility barriers, it scans components to track historic progress over time. Tracking will help you identify both positive and negative trends to determine what is working and what is not.

Monitor Critical User Flows
Study how users are engaging with your site by comparing data from User Flows with other website analytics tools. If users are dropping off at certain points during a critical path there could be an accessibility barrier, or even a user experience misalignment to blame.

Acquire Your WCAG Density Score
You’ll get a WCAG density score for each component and page in the User Flow that will also help unearth trends and guide developers to better, more efficient remediation and future work.

Enjoy Flexibility
User Flows are flexible: a single flow can cross multiple domains and applications and can encompass as many steps as you need.

Now a part of ARC Monitoring!

Anyone can use User Flows as part of ARC Monitoring. Contact us today to learn how to add it your ARC Monitoring subscription.