Podcast 2020, Episode 9: Steve Sawczyn, Principal Digital Accessibility Engineer at Optum

Posted on Tuesday, 22 December 2020 by TPG team

Mark Miller, the host, and his producer Marissa speak with Steve Sawczyn, Principal Digital Accessibility Engineer at Optum (part of UnitedHealth Group). Steve talks about how, although “It’s a great time to be blind,” he still runs into accessibility challenges that can be mildly embarrassing (how do you ask someone to tell you if you’re standing six feet away from them to abide by social distancing rules?) to potentially dangerous (information on Covid-19 is overwhelmingly found online, ideally on accessible websites). The three discuss Steve’s favorite aspect of working in accessibility, the innovation mindset, and how different accommodations for individuals with disabilities have ended up creating a better experience for all users.

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