TPG’s JAWS Testing Tool: JAWS Inspect

Why use a JAWS Testing Tool?

Testing for JAWS accessibility and compatibility can be an exhausting exercise, especially for those who are not familiar with JAWS. QA testers and developers need to learn shortcut keys and keep track of the JAWS audio. This is an incredible drag on productivity. TPG’s testing tool, JAWS Inspect, simplifies this testing process dramatically.

Why use JAWS Inspect?

JAWS Inspect provides transcripts of the JAWS output for easy issue tracking and identification. It’s simple to master, so your team will be up and running with minimal downtime. Its reports are easy to understand, even for the non-technical and can be easily shared through email and quality control systems. Available in multipack quantities to suit different types of organizations.

Key Benefits

*Can be used on a Mac through virtual machine software or on Windows via Bootcamp.

JAWS Inspect has been developed in collaboration with the makers of JAWS.

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