Nu Markup Validation Service Bookmarklets

Posted on Saturday, 9 June 2012 by Steve Faulkner

I noticed that the W3C Nu Markup Validation Service did not have any bookmarklets to provide quick validation of a page currently being viewed. So I made some using the existing W3C validator bookmarklets as the basis:

W3C Nu Markup Validation Service

About the W3C Nu Markup Validator

Like the DTD-based W3C markup validation service, the W3C Nu Markup Validator checks the markup validity of Web documents, but instead uses the backend from the engine, which provides non-DTD-based validation support for a number of markup languages. As with the existing W3C DTD-based validator, code contributions are welcome and are publicly acknowledged. So if you’re a developer interested in contributing to the work, you’re encouraged to get involved (a good place to start is by checking out the source code). If you find any bugs in the service, or want to request a new feature, please raise a bug report.

Nu Markup Validation Service Bookmarklets

To use, add the link(s) as a bookmark in your browser.

Validate Page
This is the basic “Validate Page” Bookmarklet. It simply submits the URL for the currently viewed page to the Nu Markup Validation Service for processing. Results appear in the same window.
Validate Page (New Window)
Like the last Bookmarklet, this also submits the URL of the current page to the Nu Markup Validation Service for processing, but this version will show the results in a new window (tab).
Validate Page…
Puts up a dialog with a text entry field where you can type in the URL of a page you would like to Validate. The results appear in the current window.
Validate Page… (New Window)
Same as above but shows results in a new window (tab).


WCAG 2.0 parsing error bookmarklet

Thanks to Mike Smith for making the Nu Markup Validation Service happen.

About Steve Faulkner

Steve is the Senior Web Accessibility Consultant and Technical Director, TPG Europe. He joined The Paciello Group in 2006 and was previously a Senior Web Accessibility Consultant at vision australia. He is the creator and lead developer of the Web Accessibility Toolbar accessibility testing tool. Steve is a member of several groups, including the W3C Web Platforms Working Group and the W3C ARIA Working Group. He is an editor of several specifications at the W3C including HTML 5.1, ARIA in HTML, Notes on Using ARIA in HTML and HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives. He also develops and maintains HTML5accessibility.


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