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Why use an automated accessibility monitoring tool?

Ensuring your website is accessible can feel like a tall order. Even if you have trained your teams and embraced accessible coding practices. How do you monitor your progress and make sure you’re going in the right direction? That’s where automated monitoring comes in. Watching trends, flagging priorities and helping you to quickly identify the most common and pervasive issues.

ARC does more than just monitor

ARC is a next-generation SaaS monitoring and reporting tool built on AWS architecture. Track your progress towards greater accessibility with ARC’s dashboards and data visualization tools. Compare performance across your domains and projects. Get immediate, actionable insights into the underlying causes of issues. Our fully accessible solution is future proof, with flexible rules engines ensuring ongoing support for standards and best practice.

Why choose ARC?

ARC makes it easy for your team to identify accessibility violations and determine how to fix them. Unlike Worldspace or AMP, you’ll get prioritized recommendations on what violations to fix first, and you’ll have access to trend lines showing change over time. This makes it an ideal tool for risk management.

You can see how each of your websites is progressing separately and compare them. This allows you to see which teams are successful and which ones need additional support.

Why choose TPG?

You will not find a more experienced team to work with on your accessibility project. TPG is actively involved in producing accessibility guidelines and standards across the web, including HTML, ARIA, SVG and WCAG 2.1.

TPG is the most experienced accessibility services provider in the marketplace. When you select TPG as your partner, you are choosing a company that focuses solely on accessibility. Mike Paciello, founder of TPG, is a leading international authority on Internet and software accessibility.

See what our customers are saying

“Amazing. You accomplished in a matter of months what we were not able to do in years with teams of people. We are now on the way to having a fully usable interface for all our clients, regardless of their ability.”

Gary Moulton, Accessibility Program Manager, Yahoo!

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