W4A 2015: Improving Accessibility of the Web, Mobiles and Wearables!

Hot off the press, the complete lowdown on the 2015 Web for All (W4A) conference. Hope you can attend. I am psyched about going to Florence!! TPG will again sponsor the Accessibility Challenge. The information that follows came directly to me from Yevgen Borodin, one of the conference organizers: We encourage you to submit your […]

Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support – Updated

Practical screen reader support by browser and OS When testing aspects of support for new HTML5, WAI-ARIA features and HTML features in general, I often test browsers that do not have practical support for screen readers on a particular operating system. I find they have support for feature X, but lack support for feature Y […]

Notes on fixing incorrect table structure using ARIA

Posted on Tuesday, 7 October 2014 by Steve Faulkner

Notes: Use with caution for static table fixes: The role=grid and gridcell don’t map to the static HTML table and td elements. From the ARIA 1.0 specification: A grid is an interactive control [like a spreadsheet (for example)] A grid is considered editable unless otherwise specified. To make a grid read-only, set the aria-readonly attribute […]

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Thank you a million times over. We got exactly what we wanted, when we were told we would get it, at the price we were quoted, and far more valuable than we expected. I wish all our vendors were this effective and professional.

Mark Stender, V.P. Finance and Business, Pearson