HTML5 Accessibility Chops: When to use an ARIA role

Posted on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 by Steve Faulkner. 1 comment on: HTML5 Accessibility Chops: When to use an ARIA role

There has been discussion of late on whether authors should be allowed to include an ARIA role value on an HTML element that matches the default implicit ARIA role as defined in HTML5.  The divergent opinions are mirrored in the differing author conformance requirements between the W3C HTML5 specification and the WHATWG living standard.

HTML5 Accessibility Chops: hidden and aria-hidden

Posted on Tuesday, 1 May 2012 by Steve Faulkner. 21 comments on: HTML5 Accessibility Chops: hidden and aria-hidden

Note: Also see updated – November 2103 test results for hidden and aria-hidden. As a developer and also a consultant advising developers on how to develop accessible content, it is important to have and provide up to date and practical knowledge about robust development techniques. A recent question on Stack Overflow got me thinking: What […]

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Sometimes people ask me where to go for help making their web sites accessible and TPG is always the first thing on my mind because people like Steve Faulkner are right there at the forefront of pushing web accessibility forward. They totally 'get' that to be truly effective in this area you need to understand the whole accessibility ecosystem from assistive technology, to accessible applications, to web standards and so on… this kind of expertise is rare.

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