An Accessible Design Maturity Continuum

Posted on Thursday, 26 June 2014 by David Sloan.

We spend an increasing amount of time helping organizations develop a culture and practice of accessible user experience (AUX). We believe that the chances of creating more inclusive, more effective, more enjoyable digital resources and experiences are increased if accessibility and diversity are integrated into the design approach right from the start. However, this typically […]

Building an Accessible Disclosure Button – using Web Components

Web components are the next step in building modern web applications and a great way to prototype accessible widgets. Today we are going to build a disclosure widget, by extending the native HTML button element. Web components are a collection of several standards (Templates, Shadow DOM, Custom elements, Imports) that allow us to create reusable […]

HTML5 accessibility implementation support in browsers

Posted on Wednesday, 18 June 2014 by Steve Faulkner.

I have been testing and tracking browser accessibility implementation support for a range of new HTML features since 2010. Data can be found on Over the last week I also undertook a more formal, targeted testing of the normative implementation requirements in the WAI-ARIA section of the HTML5.0 specification which is currently on its […]

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I am thrilled to hear that TPG will be part of the state blanket contract allowing our agencies to use your unique expertise and broad knowledge of accessibility. This is a bright day for citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Sarah Bourne, Director of Assistive Technology – IT Division, Commonwealth of Massachusetts