Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support – Updated

Practical screen reader support by browser and OS When testing aspects of support for new HTML5, WAI-ARIA features and HTML features in general, I often test browsers that do not have practical support for screen readers on a particular operating system. I find they have support for feature X, but lack support for feature Y […]

Notes on fixing incorrect table structure using ARIA

Posted on Tuesday, 7 October 2014 by Steve Faulkner

Notes: Use with caution for static table fixes: The role=grid and gridcell don’t map to the static HTML table and td elements. From the ARIA 1.0 specification: A grid is an interactive control [like a spreadsheet (for example)] A grid is considered editable unless otherwise specified. To make a grid read-only, set the aria-readonly attribute […]

ARIA in HTML – there goes the neighborhood

Posted on Wednesday, 1 October 2014 by Steve Faulkner
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Will HTML5 make the use of WAI-ARIA in HTML redundant? the short answer is definitely not. There are many ARIA roles and properties that are not provided by native elements and attributes in HTML5. Also developers still have the desire to roll their own interactive controls or web components even though they have been available […]

Amazing. You accomplished in a matter of months what we were not able to do in years with teams of people. We now are on the way to having a fully usable interface for all our clients, regardless of their ability.

Gary Moulton, Accessibility Program Manager, Yahoo!