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Brief history of browser accessibility support

Posted on Wednesday, 5 October 2011 by Steve Faulkner. 3 comments on: Brief history of browser accessibility support

The development of a ‘Brief history of browser accessibility support‘ was prompted by Google’s Evolution of the Web interactive infographic. I was dazzled by its coolness, but noticed that amongst all the web technologies ARIA 1.0 was not to be found. ARIA is included in the makeup of the open web stack.

HTML5 Accessibility Chops: ARIA & validation

Posted on Thursday, 2 June 2011 by Steve Faulkner. 1 comment on: HTML5 Accessibility Chops: ARIA & validation

I tweeted the other day, suggesting people switch to the HTML5 doctype as the use of ARIA is conforming in HTML5. As things stand, if ARIA roles, states and properties are used on HTML elements with a doctype other than <!DOCTYPE html> a developer will get unhelpful error messages when using an HTML validator simply […]

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In retrospect, I wish we’d brought The Paciello Group into this one earlier than we did. We received the following from one of our clients after they spoke to Leonie: “I thank you. If I weren’t already a client, I certainly am now, and I’m glad for having referred a number of friends and family members to Schwab over the years.

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