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how to remove CSS outlines in an accessible manner?

Posted on Monday, 23 April 2012 by Steve Faulkner
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Anybody with any real world accessibility experience knows that using CSS :focus {outline:none} as recommended in the WHATWG HTML living standard is not a solution to any problem, it only replaces one accessibility issue with another. This why I worked hard to get the advice still present in the ‘living standard’ removed from the W3C […]

Is NVDA Strictly a Web Accessibility Screen Reader?

Posted on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 by Mike Paciello
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Last week, Jamie and Mick of NVDA announced that their open source, free screen reader organization is in need of funding: Blind Ambition Plea for Funds to Keep Free Software Project Alive NVDA is perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to web accessibility for blind users. The user experience is equally terrific. […]

Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support

Practical screen reader support by browser and OS (11/07/2013) When testing aspects of support for new HTML5,  WAI-ARIA features and HTML features in general, I often test browsers that do not have practical support for screen readers on a particular operating system. I find they have support for feature X, but lack support for feature […]

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In retrospect, I wish we’d brought The Paciello Group into this one earlier than we did. We received the following from one of our clients after they spoke to Leonie: “I thank you. If I weren’t already a client, I certainly am now, and I’m glad for having referred a number of friends and family members to Schwab over the years.

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