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aViewer 2013

Posted on Monday, 11 March 2013 by Steve Faulkner. 10 comments on: aViewer 2013

Here at the paciello group we are very excited by the improvements being made to our aViewer accessibility API information inspection tool. We want to share the updated aViewer with you and in the process elicit your feedback on the new features and any bugs you may find.

Examples of ‘skip links’ on some bank sites

Posted on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 by Steve Faulkner. 2 comments on: Examples of ‘skip links’ on some bank sites

While discussing long descriptions on the HTML working group mailing list I took a look at how some sites provide skip links as an example of contingent visible display of content as a more palatable design concept for some accessibility features, as against always displayed or always visually hidden.

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Sarah Horton’s approach fit into the style of the organization so well…kudos to TPG for having UX in the mix in such a valuable way.

Becky Reed, Sr. Director User Experience, Healthwise