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Developer Beware: Using Flash to Detect Screen Readers

Posted on Monday, 28 April 2008 by Steve Faulkner
3 comments on: Developer Beware: Using Flash to Detect Screen Readers

The facility to detect some Assistive Technology by using Flash has been around since ActionScript 1.0 and Flash Player 6. The method has usually been referred to as a way to ‘detect screen readers’. Unfortunately this method, using the ActionScript Accessibility.isActive method, is not a ‘screen reader’ detector.

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In retrospect, I wish we’d brought The Paciello Group into this one earlier than we did. We received the following from one of our clients after they spoke to Leonie: “I thank you. If I weren’t already a client, I certainly am now, and I’m glad for having referred a number of friends and family members to Schwab over the years.

Stephanie Reilley, Product Manager Investor Online Services, Charles Schwab & Co.