WAVE 4.0 now available

Posted on Thursday, 24 January 2008 by Steve Faulkner

WAVE 4.0 web accessibility checking tool from WebAIM is now available. This new, improved version has many new features. You can check pages using WAVE 4.0 from the Web Accessibility Toolbar 2.0, under the “check” menu.

About Steve Faulkner

Steve is the Senior Web Accessibility Consultant and Technical Director, TPG Europe. He joined The Paciello Group in 2006 and was previously a Senior Web Accessibility Consultant at Vision Australia. He is the creator and lead developer of the Web Accessibility Toolbar accessibility testing tool. Steve is a member of several groups, including the W3C HTML Working Group and the W3C Protocols and Formats Working Group. He is an editor of several specifications at the W3C including HTML 5.1, Using WAI-ARIA in HTML and HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives. He also develops and maintains HTML5accessibility


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