About us

Incorporated in 2002, The Paciello Group is a world-class accessibility agency, with a reputation for excellence.

Our principals

Our team

Our team members have extensive accessibility knowledge and expertise, and are recognized for their work and contribution to the accessibility community, regularly writing for notable industry publications – including Netmag, SitePoint, A List Apart, Boxes and Arrows, and UX magazine – and speaking on the topic of accessibility, usability and web technologies at international conferences such as W3Conf, Paris Web, Generate, EdgeConf, Making Web, and CSUN.

Accessibility engineers

Steve Faulkner
Principal Accessibility Engineer
Hans Hillen
Principal Accessibility Engineer
Gez Lemon
Principal Accessibility Engineer
Matthew Atkinson
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Billy Gregory
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Patrick H. Lauke
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Cédric Trévisan
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Mary Utt
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Léonie Watson
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Graeme Coleman
Accessibility Engineer
Mark Novak
Accessibility Engineer

User Experience (UX)

Sarah Horton
User Experience Strategy Lead
David Sloan
User Experience Research Lead
Henny Swan
User Experience and Design Lead


Karl Groves
Director of Training

Project managers

Anne Scallan
Senior Project Planner
Peter Schiller
Senior Project Manager
Kyle Paciello
Project Manager
Shane Paciello
Project Manager
Frank Porter
Project Manager

Sales and marketing

Brian Landrigan
Director of Sales and Marketing
Rebecca Forbes
Sales Support

Our clients

We work with organizations around the world, including government agencies, technology vendors, companies in industries including publishing, finance, and healthcare, and educational institutions. Most of our clients are long-term engagements, demonstrating the value and effectiveness of our partnerships. Together we have a global impact on advancing accessibility.

We offer professional consulting and technology solutions to ensure that clients reach all audiences effectively and efficiently, while meeting governmental and international standards. A selection of our recent clients includes:

  • CA Technologies
  • Stanford
  • AT&T
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Google
  • Hyatt
  • Charles Schwab
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Pearson


The Paciello Group is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).